Triple M Tray Bodies

Underbody Drawer

The Triple M Underbody Drawer is designed to fit seamlessly with all Triple M QuickLock Aluminium and Steel Bodies.

The drawer is constructed using heavy duty galvanized steel and is capable of carrying loads up to 100kg.

The drawer is available in 3 sizes, and features an innovative incremental locking system, enabling the user to secure the drawer in an open position

HDP Watertank 25L

Triple M's HDP Water Tank is constructed from Polyethylene, the HDP Watertanks are tough yet light weight featuring excellent resistance to impacts and corrosion.

The HDP Watertanks have a stylish yet functional design with a holding capacity of 25 litres, providing a convenient added feature to any tray body.

HDP Toolbox

Triple M's HDP Toolbox has a dust and water resistance rating of IP66 for all weather protection.

Constructed from Polyethylene, the HDP Toolbox is tough yet light weight featuring excellent resistant to impacts and corrosion.

HDP Toolboxes feature a stylish curved 304 brushed stainless steel door and are available in right & left hand angles to match the tray body’s mudguards.

QuickLock Hinge Functionality Video

QuickLock Hinge Testing Video

Triple M Truck Bodies Ute Trays

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QuickLock Ladder rack removal and installation

PP Mudguard Performance Test Video