Triple M Tray Bodies

The Triple M Underbody Drawer is designed to fit seamlessly with all Triple M QuickLock Aluminium and Steel Bodies. The drawer is constructed using heavy duty galvanized steel and is capable of carrying loads up to 100kg.

The drawer is available in 3 sizes, and features an innovative incremental locking system, enabling the user to secure the drawer in an open position.


  • Mounts directly to the main bearers of the traybody which reduces fitment time.
  • Brushed 304 stainless steel fascia panel with a high quality black lockable paddle handle, operating a 2 point slam latch system.
  • Fully enclosed box with rubber seal to provide water and dust resistance.
  • 4 stage incremental locking system.
  • Internal divider system.
  • Low profile traybody mount kit to reduce the effect on deck height increase from the drawer.
  • Heavy duty roller system running on a rigid bearing rail for maximum strength when fully extended.


  • 9PEUD150 - Small (suits trays 1.65m up to 1.80m)
  • 9PEUD180 - Medium (suits trays 1.95m up to 2.25m)
  • 9PEUD210 - Large (suits trays 2.40m up to 2.70m)

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Drawer size 2100 1800 1500
Suitable for Single Cab Extra Cab Dual Cab
Drawer Weight 118kg 103kg 88kg
A - Overall Length 2142mm 1842mm 1542mm
B - Internal Length of Drawer 2017mm 1717mm 1417mm
C - Drawer Opening 1640mm 1340mm 1040mm
D - Height of Fascia 180mm
E - Height of Box 165mm
F - Internal Height of Drawer 128mm
G - Width of Fascia 894mm
H - Width of Box 852mm
I - Internal Width of Drawer 644mm